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    1、The company guarantees that the products are in strict accordance with the relevant national standards and meet the quality, specification and performance requirements specified in the contract.
    2、Within 12 months after the instrument is put into operation or 18 months after the arrival of the instrument, the company shall provide free spare parts, vulnerable parts and on-site maintenance costs for any shortage or failure due to design, process or material defects within the warranty period specified in the contract.
    3、Outside the warranty period, the company shall be responsible for the repair and charge relevant fees for the parts damage caused by human factors, improper use or natural wear.
    4、Within one month after the arrival of the instrument, if it cannot be repaired due to quality problems and there is no instrument of the same type and specification to be replaced, the company will return it unconditionally.
    5、After receiving the notice, the full-time staff will accept the user's call. When on-site service is needed, ensure to respond within 1 hour after receiving the user's call, and arrive at the scene within 12 hours in the province and 24 hours outside the province to remove the instrument fault. No matter when and where, the company guarantees that it will respond to the user's requirements with the fastest speed and solve the problems existing in the instrument for the user.
    Service hotline:400-928-0582
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